2017 : L'élevage du HARAS DE LA VERGNE se classe encore MEILLEUR ÉLEVAGE FRANÇAIS de BASSET HOUND mais également MEILLEUR ÉLEVAGE TOUTES RACES CONFONDUE!!!!!!JUSTINE LA MALIGNE DU HARAS DE LA VERGNE se classe 4ème meilleur chien 2017 toutes races confondues et 1ère basset hound .

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I wanted this chapter to be as thorough as possible, in order for my site not to be a commercial link to sell my puppies. That way dog lovers, customers or not, can find helpful advice.

Choosing a breed | Choosing a male or a female | Choosing a breeder | Choosing a puppy | Arrival day | Potty training | Sleep | Socializing | Staying alonePunishing your dog | Growth | Grooming | Leash walking | vaccines, worming | heats | confirmation, shows | Feeding your dog |

• Choosing a breed

There are enough breeds so you can find the best one suited to your lifestyle. You can choose from:

  • Physical traits :
    • Big or small
    • Fat or skinny
    • Long or short hair
    • long or pug nose
  • Function :
    • keeping company
    • protecting your home
    • Hunting
    • Herding
    • Lifesaving
    • helping the handicapped
  • personnality :
    • soft or strong
    • independant or sticky
    • exercise-bound or homebound.
    • Social or not
  • Price

    Unfortunately, one has to think about it. Besides the cost of the puppy there is daily care (food, grooming etc..) and vet bills

  • Think about it, learn more about the various breeds, visit breeders, don't take a dog out on a whim.
  • " He is going to be your companion for many years.
  • " A dog should be an added member of the family.

  • If you love a specific breed you should respect it and thus maybe decide not to choose it.