2017 : L'élevage du HARAS DE LA VERGNE se classe encore MEILLEUR ÉLEVAGE FRANÇAIS de BASSET HOUND mais également MEILLEUR ÉLEVAGE TOUTES RACES CONFONDUE!!!!!!JUSTINE LA MALIGNE DU HARAS DE LA VERGNE se classe 4ème meilleur chien 2017 toutes races confondues et 1ère basset hound .

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If you opened this page, you're more than likely interested in Basset Hounds. Congratulations! It is a wonderful breed!

I hope that by visiting my web page you will love this breed even more, and might even want to share your life with one of these dogs, if your lifestyle and rhythm allows it.

My passion became my profession,

Unbelievable luxury nowadays. Conscious that I am a very luck person, I constantly aim for the best breeding selection of these wonderful dogs; in beauty, health and personality.

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Mme FRANCOIS ISASCA Françoise et Mr ISASCA Fréderico
Haras de la Vergne 24270 Lanouaille - FRANCE - Tél.+33(0)5 53 52 38 49 Port. 06 82 12 36 60